All new cameras must have Automatic Double Chin Removal

unflattering-donald-trump-chin-photo-ps-battle-34In a new executive order that will effectively ban film-based cameras, President Donald Trump is requiring that cameras and camera phones incorporate Automatic Double Chin Removal (ADCR) technology. “Look,” said Trump, “I am tired of seeing photos of my double chin, and now I can do something about it.”


Donald Trump with ADCR

The executive order, which takes effect in 45 days, will require that all new cameras and camera phones that are sold in the U.S. incorporate ADCR to automatically block or digitally remove all double chins. In addition, the executive order instructs the Secret Service to inspect all cameras at presidential events to ensure compliance with ADCR requirements.

The order also prohibits the sharing, dissemination, and publication of double chin photos. When asked about freedom of the press, Press Secretary Sean Spicer indicated that ADCR was a national security matter and that he would allow no further discussion.

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