Is Trump the “New Coke” of politics?


New Coke was introduced when I was in graduate school in 1985, replacing the iconic brand with a sweeter, supposedly better tasting formulation. The change was a complete and total failure with Coca Cola Classic reappearing after a few months, or was it? Even though Coca Cola has denied it, I have always felt that it was a brilliant marketing move. Coca Cola’s brand had become stagnant and uninspiring, and the best way to prove the value of something is to take it away, which is exactly what Coca Cola had done.

Similarly, it may be that people will value clean air and water, health care, and social programs only if they are taken away, and that is exactly what is happening. Unfortunately, this policy change is not a three month period, and it will take four years to bring these things back. But maybe then, people will then appreciate what they have and not take things for granted.

See also DONALD TRUMP IS TODAY’S “NEW COKE” for another article expressing similar views.

Note: I was not aware of this article when I wrote this post; however it is interesting to see that others have similar thoughts.


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