Does Trump need a science advisor?

brain-xray_squareSTAT recently published an article on Why President Trump needs to finally name a science advisor. The article highlights the importance of science but fails to point out one major problem. Trump doesn’t believe in science.

Trump appointing a science advisor is like me appointing a gambling advisor, my wife appointing a sommelier, or my father appointing a golfing coach. I don’t gamble, my wife doesn’t drink, and my father doesn’t play golf.

Science has established that carbon dioxide causes global warming, evolution is the most likely explanation for human development, and the earth is not 6,000 years old. Any science advisor who actually believes in science would be completely unwelcome in the Trump administration. The only exception would be for Trump’s relatives, and none of them understand science either. Instead, Trump goes merrily about his way deleting data and ignoring  information that gets in the way of his political agenda.

Trump doesn’t need a science advisor. He needs a brain transplant.


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